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Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect


psi – pounds per square inch or water pressure

gpm – gallons per minute

Should I order a valve with standard American threads or metric threads?

If you live in the USA then you most likely need standard threads. Countries outside the US will most likely require the metric threads.

Should I order the male/female valve or the female/female valve?

If the showerhead arm looks like example A you will need the male/female valve.

Most showerheads fall under this category.

If the showerhead arm looks like example B you will need the female/female valve.

Some showerhead arms will be attached to the Water Select valve with a short 2” extension pipe that connects to your water supply. Check the pictures in example B for more info.

Is the Water Select valve easy to install?

Yes. Anyone can do it within a couple minutes or so. No tools are required, unless your existing showerhead is screwed on so tight that it won’t turn. In that instance you may need a crescent wrench to loosen your existing showerhead.

How do I install the Water Select Valve?

Simply unscrew the existing showerhead. Apply 4 to 5 rotations of Teflon tape to threads on the shower arm and the Water Select valve in a clockwise direction. Install the Water Select valve the same way the showerhead is screwed on, then put your showerhead back on. When installing the Water Select valve, make sure the handle hangs down straight. Align the right side with valve at the 3 o’clock position so the handle will hang to the right side. Watch our installation video for more information.

What if the valve does not stop with the handle at the 3 o’clock position?

By installing the Teflon tape you ensure the valve can snug into the proper position. If the valve goes too far remove some of the Teflon tape. If the valve stops short, remove Teflon tape completely and use 3 to 4 rotations on the next application.

Will the valve leak or cause leaks?

No. The Water Select valve does not leak when properly installed. The valve should snug tightly into the 3 o’clock position. If it is loose more Teflon tape needs to be added. If it will not quite reach position remove some tape. If it appears to be leaking it is due to not being fitted tightly into the 3 o’clock position. Sometimes it can take a few attempts to get the amount of Teflon correct so it fits just right.

Can I install and use the valve with the handle on the left side?

No. Regulations specify that a device should always close or shut off in the down position. When the Water Select valve is used incorrectly or modified, it will void the warranty.

Will my water pressure be affected?

No, it reduces flow without reducing pressure so you can still enjoy a great shower. If you have 80 psi water pressure at 2.5 gpm with your existing shower head you still have 80 psi water pressure at the reduced flow of 2.0 gpm using a Water Select valve with your same showerhead.

How does the Water Select valve save water?

Installing a Water Select valve, which flows 2.0 gpm, with a typical 2.5 gpm showerhead saves 20% or more of water consumption. Install a Water Select valve with showerheads made before 1992, which typically flow greater than 2.5 gpm, savings will escalate in proportion to their gpm.

The valve features a 5” or a 15” handle, with quarter-turn stops, which allows full control of the water flow. Pull the handle down to reduce the flow of water.  Lift the handle up to increase or resume the flow of water.

Does the Water Select valve save water if I forget to actually use the handle while showering?

Yes, when used with any showerhead that flows 2.5 gpm or greater.

How do I know if my showerhead is flowing 2.5 gpm or greater?

If your showerhead fills a 2.5 gallon container within one minute it is flowing 2.5 gpm.

If your showerhead that fills a 5 gallon container within one minute is flowing 5 gpm.

The Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandates that, "all faucet fixtures manufactured in the United States restrict maximum water flow at or below 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) at 80 pounds per square inch (psi) of water pressure or 2.2 gpm at 60 psi."

Can I stop the flow of water completely?

Yes, although It is best to leave the water running at a trickle vs full stop.  This helps keep the water temperature constant.  When pulling the handle down to a full-stop, if someone uses water around you (flush the toilet, start the dishwasher, etc) then chances are the water temperature will have fluctuated.

The following Frequently Asked Questions and answers should provide any information needed. If not always feel free to contact us.

Water Select FAQ Sheet

Example A


Example B