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Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect

Conserve water in the shower with a Water Select showerhead valve. Water Select’s goal is to raise awareness about the facts regarding how precious clean potable (drinking) water is to the planet. It is not difficult to see that we need some urgent solutions toward conserving the potable (drinking) water available to us all. Next, we are committed to finding ways to bring water to people who have limited or no access to potable (drinking) water.

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A Few Words About Our Founder & CEO

Jeanene Tips Wilson, a seventh generation Texan and native of Dallas TX, has a job history of starting up lucrative businesses, both personal and corporate.  With 33- years of experience in construction and Real Estate, she has gained a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise in both fields.  Jeanene held a Texas Real Estate Broker’s License for 33-years and is a former Licensed Ship Captain in the United States Coast Guard.  

She has a BA in education from the University of Texas @ Austin and has done post graduate studies in Spanish at Rice University.  Her educational background and proven track record of leadership has afforded her the opportunity to work across the United States; but Texas is always home.

Jeanene’s leadership abilities extend beyond the corporate world into her personal life. She has spent the past couple of years caring for ageing parents.  It was during this time that necessity drove her to discover a way to administer daily showers to mobility challenged parents, who would sit in a chair in the shower; without getting herself totally drenched.  

Necessity is the mother of invention and the showerhead valve with a handle turned out to be an excellent solution.  Everyone benefited from the new found ability to select the desired water temperature, shut the water off with the valve, put the parent in place in the shower chair and then slowly open the valve to wet them down utilizing the perfect temperature water.  

It was then easy to use the valve to reduce the volume of water, enough to reach in and soap them up without getting her clothes wet, and then resume the water flow for the final rinse.  They were happy because the water temperature remained constant and she was happy because she remained relatively dry.  

She hence forth refers to the valve as her “Water Savior”. The final surprise was watching the water/sewer bill decrease each month.  From that point, she realized sharing this new found application for tried and true technology would be her path.

In December 2007 Jeanene started Water Select proudly advocating:

Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.  

Being inspired by individuals who surround her, Jeanene always strives to reciprocate and be an inspiration to those who will succeed her. With that, her passions are recycling, water conservation and being able to give back to the community through service.  Water Select not only provides a valuable service for the community, but most importantly it contributes to the conservation of the most precious and important resource on the planet; potable water.  Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.  This is the ultimate service to our nation and the success of our future.

“Water has always been an important and life-sustaining drink to humans and is essential to the survival of all known organisms.

What is "Potable" or “Drinking" Water?

“It is water safe enough to be consumed by humans
or used with low risk of immediate or long term harm.”

Elementary education science explains what a treasure potable water is in the following manner:

Say a liter bottle of water represents all the water on the planet. Pour out a capful from that liter and that represents the water in the rivers and lakes on the planet. Take one drop from that cap full of water and that represents the potable water on the planet.  

We may be surrounded by water, but what is available to drink is mighty precious. With our rapidly expanding population, so is our need for clean, safe water. In addition to population, pollution is also threatening, and shrinking, our inventory of potable water.  

The time is NOW to start guarding and conserving our most cherished commodity: WATER!