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Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect


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Increase Water & Energy Efficiency

It is Water Select’s intention to spread the word that New Technology is available to improve everyone’s ability to use the most valuable natural resource on the planet, WATER, more resourcefully, during the course of a shower.  Water Select is proud to contribute a new aspect to using utilities more efficiently and decreasing monthly utility bills.  The supply, delivery, and use of water and energy are intertwined in important ways.  Water Select believes and demonstrates that a better understanding of these relationships can assist in developing strategies that deliver greater energy and water savings, as well as associated environmental benefits and resource management.

               Water Select is Conservation With Immediate Effect!

     Water Select revolutionizes the plumbing industry by helping raise the standard for sustainable green construction.  Water Select offers a unique patented design, quarter-turn, positive shut-off, high-quality brass valve {available in all finishes and colors}, with handicap operable, child accessible, 15” extended handle which can be used in conjunction with low-flow, or full-flow showerheads, to provide valuable savings in water, sewage, gas or electricity associated with each shower.  The valve fits nicely between the shower arm and the showerhead or in conjunction with a hand-held showerhead.  This product is designed for both retro-fit and all new construction and is simple to install in a couple of minutes.

The Water Select valve turns all showerheads into high efficiency units and goes above and beyond the water conservation offered by low-flow showerheads.  Connecting a Water Select valve to existing showerheads allows manual adjustment of the water flow from full-flow all the way down to a complete stop.  Showerheads, in general, do not offer flow-control options.  Many times during the course of a shower it is feasible, even preferable, to reduce the flow of water coming out of the showerhead while tasks; such as:  soaping-up, shaving, brushing teeth, bathing children, bathing pets, bathing the elderly, or cleaning, are being performed.  A Water Select showerhead valve helps make the practice of conserving water a daily routine.  Based on an average 13-minute shower, using the valve in conjunction with a federally mandated 2.5 gpm showerhead, the savings for an average household (3) could top 7,000 gallons of water per year, before flow-control is utilized.

A 13-minute shower at 5.0 gallons per minute is 65 gallons of water used per shower x 365 days =  23,725 gallons
   A 13-minute shower at 2.5 gallons per minute is 32.5 gallons of water used per shower x 365 days =  11,862 gallons
    A 13-minute shower at 2.0 gallons per minute is 26 gallons of water used per shower x 365 days =  9,490 gallons
11,862 gallons @ 2.5 gpm – 9,490 gallons @ 2.0 gpm = 2,372 gallons of water per year saved @ 2 gpm v 2.5 gpm
23,725 gallons @ 5 gpm – 14,235 gallons (-60%) = 9,490 gallons of water per year saved @ 5 gpm
@ 5 gpm – 9,490 gallons saved x typical family of 3 = annual shower water savings of 28,470 gallons per year

Please help conserve water ~ nothing can replace it!
Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect

Annual Water Savings on a 2.0 gallon per minute flow versus 2.5 gallons per minute is 2,372 gallons per year!
A Typical 3 person family realizes a 7,116 gallon/year reduction in water usage.

Water Select’s most popular, fully adjustable, reduced-flow valve has a built-in reduced-flow rate of 2.0 gpm.  When used in conjunction with a 2.5 gpm showerhead, automatic savings of 20% are realized, because the measure of water used has been reduced by 1/2 gpm.  Because flow-control is now a choice, savings have been tabulated as high as approximately 70% with a mean average of approximately 45%.   Our full-flow (FF) – non-restricted-flow valve, is necessary for the larger rain showerheads, flowing more than 2.5 gpm.  A Water Select valve, with a full-flow showerhead, enables you to regulate the flow and advance water and energy conservation.  Interaction through voluntary flow-control qualifies the individual as an environmental manager.  Enjoy the same shower sensation after adding a Water Select valve, because you do not have to change the showerhead, the water pressure will not change, and the immediate bottom-line savings of water, sewer, and energy are in effect.

The cultural and political concerns of sustainability come into play when savings of such magnitude become a platform for reducing the strain on public infrastructure(s).  The ability of public water systems to meet the needs of the growing population will continue to receive considerable attention as cost considerations are evaluated.  Improved efficiency of residential and commercial water use are key elements to offsetting the impacts of increased demand.  Political endorsement and support, through guidance and rebates, will benefit all communities and encourage mass participation.  Properly funded and implemented, the upside is tremendous!

The place to begin new water policies, re-shaping the way America uses the precious resource of fresh water, is by giving everyone a clear incentive to use water efficiently and avoid waste. Please check out Water Select today and see how Jeanene Tips Wilson and her team are illustrating ways to enhance efficiency and save water, sewer, electricity/gas and $$$ money.   Utilizing the applied science of water conservation in a new and state-of-the-art way, Water Select empowers everyone’s ability to participate in the long-term benefits of short-term water management as adults and children are re-educated on how to take a water efficient shower.

Water Select has demonstrated how environmental, economic and political concerns of sustainability are equally satisfied when people of community contribute to a shift in the behavioral patterns of old and embark on solving the Quiet Emergency of conserving a very limited supply of fresh water.  A future with ample supplies of fresh potable water is a win-win for everyone!

As a female owned company I welcome your help championing my product and cause.  I am a 7th generation Texan and repetitive years of severe drought have taken a negative toll on the lake and aquifer water levels, not only here, but across the majority of the southern and western United States.  It is my concern for continued availability of fresh water reserves that I invented and patented the Water Select valve.  I have inventory and a solid foundation enabling efficient delivery of valves.  Drought stricken, and water stressed, areas across the globe will greatly benefit by people of community coming together to find a course of action that will provide acceptable and effective solutions to help stave off the emergency of running out of fresh water.  Now the challenge is to summon unified public participation.  

Please help conserve water ~ nothing can replace it!
Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect

San Antonio Texas is the example because I Am a native TEXAN.
FACT: The city of San Antonio used 55,320,000,000 gallons of water in 2012.
Water Select has a city calculator.  Plug in how many gallons of water your city uses to determine applicable savings.

The following calculation is using national averages supplied by the EPA. The other 83% is used for residential purposes, of which approximately 70% is used inside the home. 16.9% of the 70% left is used in the shower. The Water Select valve could save from 20% to 70% of the water used in the shower. Using the lower figure of 20%, if everyone in San Antonio had a Water Select valve installed it could have saved approximately 1,085,640,000 ( over 1 Billion ) gallons of water in 2012. The 20% savings is based on having a valve installed, but not actually utilizing the exceptional savings the flow-control handle offers. Imagine how much water could have been saved if people actively used the unique extended handle that comes with the valve to lower and adjust water-flow accordingly during a shower.

The goal of water sustainability is realistic and Water Select’s new patented technology enables a community of 300,000 the ability to safeguard between 712 million and 1.6 billions of gallons of water per year.  That averages to savings of approximately 2 million gallons of water per day; Water Not Used.

300,000 is ~10% of one large metropolitan city, or county.  1.6 billion gallons of water not used per year leaves ~5,000 acre feet of water available for tomorrow.  Water Select’s conservation efforts will pass along savings to the homeowner as well as to the cities and municipal utility districts (MUD’s) serving all business and residences.  Reducing demand will help reduce strain on ageing and over loaded infrastructure.  These significant savings of our most valuable natural resource, water, will help stretch the already limited supply.

The true journey toward water sustainability is within and we all possess the necessary intuition and ability to make water sustainability a reality!  Sustainability takes time, resources, circumstance and opportunity.   Protecting our useable water supply has global magnitude and far reaching consequences.  Any manner of water conservation is of utmost importance.

People are looking for direction regarding how to help conserve more water.   Water Select encourages all cities and counties to offer easy solutions other than just landscape irrigation.  With Water Select’s innovative technology we can increase water efficiency and sustainability where the aquatic environments are in a state of emergency.  As a Champion of Water,
I welcome any and all who know the value of water and are ready and willing to step up to the plate and do what they can to help empower water sustainability for us all.

Water Select is a new applied science that reinforces our ability to participate in the long-term benefits of short-term water management as we re-educate ourselves, and our children, on how to take a water efficient shower.  This is especially important in times of persistent water shortages and drought.

Given how closely related saving water is to saving energy, one of the best ways to save energy across the country and in our own homes is to use hot water more efficiently.   With any showerhead you chose be sure to use the
Water Select showerhead valve to save water, energy, and money on your utility bills.

Highlights of product’s strengths:

(1)  Affordable (2) Simple installation (3) Minimizes water consumption
(4) Reduces electrical/sewage consumption (5) Maintains water pressure  
(6) Handicap & child accessible (7) Positive shut-off  (8) Attractive
(9) Ease of use  (10) Quick return on investment.

In 2007, Jeanene Tips Wilson invented the Water Select showerhead valve and had a US patent, trademark and dba for Water Select by 2009.  By virtue of the newly issued patent, the Water Select showerhead valve is verifiably new application of this technology in the market place.  The Water Select showerhead valve is a unique, patented, tamper-proof design that turns all showerheads into high efficiency units and goes above and beyond the water conservation offered by low-flow showerheads. Once the Water Select showerhead valve is installed it is operational and functional.  The shower sensation will not be influenced as standard water pressure is maintained and there is no need to replace the existing showerhead. There is nothing to recycle or go in land-fills.

Water is the Quiet Emergency and people of community can contribute to a shift in that Emergency by conserving water every time a shower is taken.  Water Select is confident that this new technology is something that supports and contributes to state and global efforts towards water conservation.  Your support is instrumental to the success of long-range sustainability and conservation strategies and Water Select!

Please respect the intellectual rights of Water Select as they are original.


  Thank YOU!

    Jeanene Tips Wilson