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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

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Go green and conserve water by using the patented Water Select® valve in your shower. By reducing the amount of waste and energy needed you will save money and help build a better future for the next generation. More Americans are becoming aware of ways to help save our natural resources every day. If everyone does their part we can help ensure that our children will have a better water infrastructure for years to come.

How To Conserve Water With Water Select®

It’s Time for a New Way to Think About Water and Energy Efficiency.

With climate change concerns, pervasive droughts, and high energy prices across the country, nearly everyone is looking for ways to conserve resources and cut cost. Many Americans know about the importance of saving energy, and many know about the importance of saving water.

But few know about the direct connection between saving both. By reducing the amount of total gallons we use in every shower we are reducing the cost associated to enjoy that warm shower. Less heating of water means more cash in your pockets! This is the benefit of the Water Select® valve.

We can all use water and energy more efficiently, save money and preserve our nations energy supplies and water for future generations. The Water Select® program can help you save both!

Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.

Benefits of the Water Select® shower valve:

Immediately save a minimum of 20% by simply installing and using the Water Select® adjustable valve.

If we don’t start conserving water today,

we may not have enough water for tomorrow!


Water Select®
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